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"Neutron activation of 69Ga and 71Ga at k_BT ≈ 25keV"
Kathrin Göbel, Clemens Beinrucker, Benjamin Brückner, Philipp Erbacher, Stefan Fiebiger, Micaela Fonseca, Michael Heftrich, Tanja Heftrich, Franz Käppeler, Antonin Krása, Deniz Kurtulgil, Claudia Lederer-Woods, Ralf Plag, Arjan Plompen, René Reifarth, Stefan Schmidt, Kerstin Sonnabend, and Mario Weigand
Phys. Rev. C 103, 025802 – Published 12 February 2021
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Review Article on "The production of proton-rich isotopes beyond iron: The γ-process in stars"

Marco Pignatari, Claudia Travaglio, René Reifarth and I published a review article on the γ-process in stars.
The article is also available on arxiv (Link).


René Reifarth and I published a popular science article about the Experimental Astrophysic's work in Forschung Frankfurt in 2015.

Forschung Frankfurt 2-2015: "Das Licht - Nachrichtendienst der Sterne" von Kathrin Göbel und René Reifarth