ATHENA Brussels workshop on Astrophysics
January 27 - 28, 2014 - Université Libre de Bruxelles - Belgium


The overview talks by the invited speakers last for 40 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion. The talks contributed by participants take 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

A pdf-version of the program is available here.

Monday, 27 January 2014

09:00 Registration
09:15 Opening and welcome notes
First session: Other topics: Primordial nucleosynthesis
09:30 F. Hammache (CNRS/IPNO, France):
Is the solution to the cosmological 7Li problem nuclear? pdf-file
09:50 R. Pizzone (INFN-LNS, Italy):
Trojan Horse cross section measurements and their impact on primordial nucleosynthesis
10:10 M.G. Pellegriti (INFN-LNS, Italy):
12B spectroscopy: past and recent measurements, perspectives and astrophysical applications pdf-file
10:30 Coffee break
Second session: Other topics & Stellar burning phases – Theory and modelling
10:50 O.L. Ramírez Suárez (ULB-PNTPM, Belgium):
Extracting ANCs from elastic scattering data pdf-file
11:10 A. Pastore (ULB-IAA, Belgium):
Pairing in exotic neutron-rich nuclei near the drip line and in the crust of neutron stars pdf-file
11:30 C. Georgy (Keele University, U.K.):
Stellar burning phases: Theory and modelling – Overview
12:20 Lunch break
Third session: Stellar burning phases – Experiments
13:50 G. Imbriani (University of Naples Federico II & INFN-Napoli, Italy):
Stellar burning phases: Experiments – Overview pdf-file
14:40 H. Silva (FCT-UNL, Portugal):
Experimental study of the fusion reaction 16O + 16O pdf-file
15:00 M. Hass (The Weizmann Institute, Israel):
Astrophysical nuclear reactions pdf-file
15:20 J.-E. Ducret (IRFU/SAp & CELIA, France):
Nuclear astrophysics at laser facilities pdf-file
15:40 Coffee break
Fourth session: Other topics & Neutron-capture nucleosynthesis – Theory and modelling
16:10 J.-P. Uzan (CNRS/IAP, France):
Fundamental constants, physics, and cosmology pdf-file
16:30 C. Galan (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Poland):
Chemical abundance analysis of the red giants in the S-type symbiotic systems pdf-file
16:50 M. Paul (Hebrew University, Israel):
First experiments with LiLiT, a high-intensity 25-keV neutron source pdf-file
17:10 M. Pignatari (University of Basel, Switzerland):
The astrophysical aspects of neutron-capture nucleosynthesis – Overview pdf-file
18:00 End of first day
19:30 Workshop dinner

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fifth session: Neutron-capture nucleosynthesis – Experiments
08:30 C. Lederer (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany):
Experiments for nuclear astrophysics with neutron beams – Overview pdf-file
09:20 G. Tagliente (INFN-Bari, Italy):
Nuclear Astrophysics at n_TOF, CERN pdf-file
09:40 M. La Cognata (INFN-LNS, Italy):
Measurement of the -3 keV resonance in the 13C(α,n)16O reaction and its influence on the synthesis of A > 90 nuclei pdf-file
10:00 N. de Séréville (CNRS/IPNO, France):
Experimental study of 26Al nucleosynthesis using the 27Al(p,p')27Al inelastic scattering reaction pdf-file
10:20 Coffee break
Sixth session: Explosive nucleosynthesis – Experiments (Part I)
10:50 A. Laird (The University of York, U.K.):
Explosive nucleosynthesis: Experiments – Overview pdf-file
11:40 P. Mohr (Diakonie-Klinikum Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany & ATOMKI, Hungary):
How well is the 18Ne(α,p)21Na rate constrained by experiments? pdf-file
12:00 V. Margerin (University of Edinburgh, U.K.):
Towards a nuclear explanation for the observation of 44Ti isotopic excesses in Core Collapse Supernovae pdf-file
12:20 O. Kirsebom (Aarhus University, Denmark):
Gamma rays from novae pdf-file
12:40 Lunch break
Seventh session: Explosive nucleosynthesis – Experiments (Part II)
14:10 Gy. Gyürky (ATOMKI, Hungary):
Experiments relevant for gamma-process nucleosynthesis pdf-file
14:30 L. Netterdon (University of Cologne, Germany):
Charged-particle induced reaction studies for the astrophysical gamma-process pdf-file
14:50 S. Altstadt (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany):
Constraining the astrophysical r process: Coulomb breakup of 14,15B pdf-file
15:10 A. Botvina (FIAS, Germany & INR Moscow, Russia):
Statistical approach for supernova matter and nuclear multifragmentation pdf-file
15:30 Coffee break
Eighth session: Explosive nucleosynthesis – Theory and modelling
16:00 O. Korobkin (Stockholm University & Astronomy/OKC, Sweden):
An overview on the astrophysical aspects of explosive nucleosynthesis pdf-file
16:50 P. Sarriguren (IEM-CSIC, Spain):
Weak-decay rates in stellar scenarios from QRPA calculations pdf-file
17:10 M. Ugliano (TU Darmstadt, Germany):
Nucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven supernovae pdf-file
17:30 A. Dzhioev (BLTP JINR, Russia):
Neutral-current neutrino-nucleus reactions at finite temperature in supernova environment pdf-file
17:50 Closing remarks