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Papers in 2024

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Measurement of the prompt fission γ -rays from slow neutron-induced fission of 235U with STEFF
n TOF Collaboration, T. Wright, A. G. Smith, N. V. Sosnin, S. A. Bennett and 120 more
European Physical Journal A 60, 70 (2024)

Measurement of the 140Ce (n ,γ ) Cross Section at n_TOF and Its Astrophysical Implications for the Chemical Evolution of the Universe
S. Amaducci, N. Colonna, L. Cosentino, S. Cristallo, P. Finocchiaro and 129 more
Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 122701 (2024)

High-resolution cross section measurements for neutron interactions on 89Y with incident neutron energies up to 95 keV
G. Tagliente, P. M. Milazzo, C. Paradela, S. Kopecky, D. Vescovi and 130 more
European Physical Journal A 60, 21 (2024)

A Segmented Total Energy Detector (sTED) optimized for (n, γ) cross-section measurements at n_TOF EAR2
V. Alcayne, D. Cano-Ott, J. Garcia, E. González-Romero, T. Martínez and 132 more
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 217, 111525 (2024)