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Papers in 2020

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Electron capture of Xe54 + in collisions with H 2 molecules in the energy range between 5.5 and 30.9 MeV/u
F. M. Kröger, G. Weber, M. O. Herdrich, J. Glorius, C. Langer and 61 more
Phys. Rev. A 102, 42825 (2020)

Measurement of the α ratio and (n,γ) cross section of 235U from 0.2 to 200 eV at n_TOF
J. Balibrea-Correa, E. Mendoza, D. Cano-Ott, E. Gonz\'alez, R. Capote and 114 more
Phys. Rev. C 102, 044615 18 (2020)

Neutron Capture on the s-Process Branching Point 171Tm via Time-of-Flight and Activation
C. Guerrero, J. Lerendegui-Marco, M. Paul, M. Tessler, S. Heinitz and 148 more
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 142701 8 (2020)

Probing the Z = 6 spin-orbit shell gap with (p,2p) quasi-free scattering reactions
I. Syndikus, M. Petri, A.O. Macchiavelli, S. Paschalis, C.A. Bertulani and 78 more
Physics Letters B 809, 135748 (2020)

Determination of luminosity for in-ring reactions: A new approach for the low-energy domain
Y.M. Xing, J. Glorius, L. Varga, L. Bott, C. Brandau and 58 more
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 982, 164367 (2020)

A compact fission detector for fission-tagging neutron capture experiments with radioactive fissile isotopes
M. Bacak, M. Aïche, G. Bélier, E. Berthoumieux, M. Diakaki and 127 more
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 969, 163981 (2020)

Shell-model studies of the astrophysical rp-process reactions 34S(p,γ)35Cl and 34g,mCl(p,γ)35Ar
W. A. Richter, B. A. Brown, R. Longland, C. Wrede, P. Denissenkov and 5 more
Phys. Rev. C 102, 025801 8 (2020)

Investigation of the 240Pu(n,f) reaction at the n_TOF/EAR2 facility in the 9 meV-6 MeV range
A. Stamatopoulos, A. Tsinganis, N. Colonna, M. Kokkoris, R. Vlastou and 125 more
Phys. Rev. C 102, 014616 23 (2020)

Measurement of the 154Gd(n,γ) cross section and its astrophysical implications
A. Mazzone, S. Cristallo, O. Aberle, G. Alaerts, V. Alcayne and 129 more
Physics Letters B 804, 135405 (2020)

Fragmentation of Single-Particle Strength around the Doubly Magic Nucleus 132Sn and the Position of the 0 f5 /2 Proton-Hole State in 131In
V. Vaquero, A. Jungclaus, T. Aumann, J. Tscheuschner, E. V. Litvinova and 67 more
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 22501 (2020)