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Papers in 2022

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Horizons: nuclear astrophysics in the 2020s and beyond
H. Schatz, A. D. Becerril Reyes, A. Best, E. F. Brown, K. Chatziioannou and 160 more
Journal of Physics G Nuclear Physics 49, 110502 (2022)

Presolar silicon carbide grains of types Y and Z: their strontium and barium isotopic compositions and stellar origins
Nan Liu, Thomas Stephan, Sergio Cristallo, Diego Vescovi, Roberto Gallino and 3 more
European Physical Journal A 58, 216 (2022)

Experimental and numerical investigation of magneto-plasma optical properties toward measurements of opacity relevant for compact binary objects
Angelo Pidatella, David Mascali, Matteo Bezmalinovich, Giulia Emma, Maria Mazzaglia and 14 more
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 9, 931744 (2022)

Neutron-capture measurement candidates for the r-process in neutron star mergers
Diego Vescovi, René Reifarth, Sergio Cristallo, Aaron Couture
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 9, 994980 (2022)

High accuracy, high resolution 235U(n,f) cross section from n_TOF (CERN) from 18 meV to 10 keV
M. Mastromarco, S. Amaducci, N. Colonna, P. Finocchiaro, L. Cosentino and 117 more
European Physical Journal A 58, 147 (2022)

The Achievements of the RockStar Group (Perugia) on Astrophysical Modelling and Pallasite Geochemistry
Lisa Ricci, Maurizio Petrelli, Francesco Frondini, Azzurra Zucchini, Paola Comodi and 3 more
Universe 8, 156 (2022)

Slow Neutron-Capture Process: Low-Mass Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars and Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains
Nan Liu, Sergio Cristallo, Diego Vescovi
Universe 8, 362 (2022)

Theoretical Estimate of the Half-life for the Radioactive 134Cs and 135Cs in Astrophysical Scenarios
Simone Taioli, Diego Vescovi, Maurizio Busso, Sara Palmerini, Sergio Cristallo and 2 more
ApJ 933, 158 (2022)

Maxwellian-averaged cross section of 181Ta (n,γ) reaction and its astrophysical implications
N. Nhu Le, S. Cristallo, D. Vescovi, L. Tan Phuc, N. Quang Hung
Nucl. Phys. A 1023, 122450 (2022)

A Novel Approach to β-Decay: PANDORA, a New Experimental Setup for Future In-Plasma Measurements
David Mascali, Domenico Santonocito, Simone Amaducci, Lucio Andò, Vincenzo Antonuccio and 65 more
Universe 8, 80 (2022)

92Zr(n ,γ ) and (n ,tot) measurements at the GELINA and n_TOF facilities
G. Tagliente, S. Kopecky, J. Heyse, M. Krticka, C. Massimi and 114 more
Phys. Rev. C 105, 25805 (2022)

Production of Very Light Elements and Strontium in the Early Ejecta of Neutron Star Mergers
Albino Perego, Diego Vescovi, Achille Fiore, Leonardo Chiesa, Christian Vogl and 8 more
ApJ 925, 22 (2022)

Constraints on the dipole photon strength for the odd uranium isotopes
J. Moreno-Soto, S. Valenta, E. Berthoumieux, A. Chebboubi, M. Diakaki and 127 more
Phys. Rev. C 105, 024618 14 (2022)

Unveiling the two-proton halo character of 17Ne: Exclusive measurement of quasi-free proton-knockout reactions
C. Lehr, F. Wamers, F. Aksouh, Yu. Aksyutina, H. Álvarez-Pol and 60 more
Physics Letters B 827, 136957 (2022)

Isotopic cross sections of fragmentation residues produced by light projectiles on carbon near 400 A MeV
J. M. Boillos, D. Cortina-Gil, J. Benlliure, J. L. Rodríguez-Sánchez, H. Alvarez-Pol and 96 more
Phys. Rev. C 105, 14611 (2022)

The status and future of direct nuclear reaction measurements for stellar burning
M Aliotta, R Buompane, M Couder, A Couture, R J deBoer and 20 more
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 49, 10501 (2022)