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Papers in 2023

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The Gaia-ESO survey: Placing constraints on the origin of r-process elements
M. Van der Swaelmen, C. Viscasillas Vázquez, G. Cescutti, L. Magrini, S. Cristallo and 17 more
A&A. 670 (2023)

Progress on nuclear reaction rates affecting the stellar production of 26Al
A. M. Laird, M. Lugaro, A. Kankainen, P. Adsley, D. W. Bardayan and 22 more
Journal of Physics G Nuclear Physics 50, 33002 (2023)

Neutron capture cross section of 83Kr
Stefan Fiebiger, Bayarbadrakh Baramsai, Aaron Couture, Milan Krtička, Shea Mosby and 6 more
European Physical Journal A 59, 36 (2023)

Advances and new ideas for neutron-capture astrophysics experiments at CERN n_TOF
C. Domingo-Pardo, V. Babiano-Suarez, J. Balibrea-Correa, L. Caballero, I. Ladarescu and 133 more
European Physical Journal A 59, 8 (2023)

Impact of newly measured 26Al(n, p)26Mg and 26Al(n, α)23Na reaction rates on the nucleosynthesis of 26Al in stars
Umberto Battino, Claudia Lederer-Woods, Marco Pignatari, Benjámin Soós, Maria Lugaro and 4 more
MNRAS 520, 2436 (2023)

Gamma intensities for the β-decay of 97Zr
M. Weigand, S. F. Dellmann, B. Brückner, P. Erbacher, K. Eberhardt and 7 more
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1048, 167891 (2023)