I am a scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and lead the research group Experimental Astrophysics at the Institute for Applied Physics at the Department of Physics (FB 13) of the Goethe Universit├Ąt Frankfurt. Experiments in nuclear astrophysics are the research focus of the group, in particular the puzzle of the origin of the elements. Most elements were and still are produced during the different stages of stellar evolution. A detailed understanding of the nucleosynthesis processes allows deep insights into the stellar interiors, which are not possible otherwise. One of the requirements is the quantitative knowledge of a number of nuclear reactions under stellar conditions.

Further information can be found on the various exp-astro pages.


I teach physics at the university at all levels in a wide range of topics with slight focus on astrophysics. I usually follow the demonstrator style.


My ideal is to help people find and foster their strengths and passions. I open doors, provide knowledge and experience.

Research always means: Develop and follow your own ideas, learn and improve with each trial.