Determination of reactor fluxes

This tool helps to determine 2 components of a reactor spectrum. The thermal and the epithermal flux will be determined based on the production yield of a given set of monitoring isotopes.

More details and further references can be found in:

Sophia Dellmann et al.
"Reactor activations to constrain astrophysically relevant cross sections"
European Physical Journal Web of Conferences 260 (2022) 11035

Rene Reifarth, Sophia F Dellmann, Deniz Kurtulgil
"Characterisation of reactor spectra "
Internal report, Goethe Universit├Ąt (2021)

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Monitor data
Plot paramter

2D-probability distribution: pdf, gle, 2D-data for gle-plot, 2D-data in xyz-Format
xy-projections of probability distribution: pdf, gle, x-data and y-data for gle-plot
Probability bands: pdf
Monitors used: Name : Xsec-thermal(barn) ; Xsec-epithermal(barn)
197Au : 9.867E-23 ± 9.0E-26 ; 1.55E-21 ± 2.8E-23
94Zr : 4.98E-26 ± 1.7E-27 ; 2.65E-25 ± 1.0E-26
96Zr : 2.285E-26 ± 1.0E-27 ; 5.15E-24 ± 1.1E-25