Opportunities with Neutron Induced Reaction Measurements
October 17-18, 2022


In preparation for the upcoming Town Meeting on Nuclear Structure, Reactions, and Astrophysics in support of the new NSAC Long Range Plan, we would like to invite you to a virtual pre-meeting focused on the scientific opportunities presented by neutron beam facilities. This virtual meeting will take place on 17-18 Oct. The goal is to capture the input in a white paper to include in the Town Meeting process.

Meeting Topics

  • Scientific Opportunities with Neutron Reactions
  • Facility Needs to Address Scientific Questions
  • Applications and Societal Benefit of Neutron Induced Reactions
  • Opportunities with a Potential Neutron Target Facility
  • Future Concepts for Neutron Beam Measurements
  • Position of US Capabilities from an International Perspective


This follows on the series of Neutron Beam Sessions since 2015 at the Low Energy Community Meeting as well as the workshops on a neutron target facility, including the recent North American Storage Rings and Neutron Captures Workshop.