EuroGENESIS workshop
26. November 2012 - Goethe University - Germany


Meeting Location: Room 01.402 at the Institute for Applied Physics at Dep. of Physics (FB 13), Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
Meeting Start 11:00, End 18:00


10:30 Coffee break

1. MASCHE Coordination

11:00 MASCHE Items, and EuroGenesis (R. Diehl, F.K. Thielemann)
11:15 Basel Meeting Summary (F.K. Thielemann)

2. Research Activities and their Status

2.1. Nuclear Reactions/Structure

11:30 ATOMKI activities (Zs.Fülüp)
11:45 GSI activities (I. Dillmann, K. Sonnabend)
12:00 n-induced reactions (R. Reifarth)
12:15 HZDR activities (D. Bemmerer)
12:30 ISOLDE/Heidelberg activities (Y. Litvinov)
12:45 Kocaeli activities (T. Guray)
13:00 22Ne(p,gamma)23Na measurement at LUNA (M. Menzel)

13:15 - 14:00 Lunch break

2.2 Stellar Evolution

14:00 Updates of Hydrostatic Evolution Models (A. Chieffi)
14:15 Impact of convective boundary mixing and weak reaction uncertainties (S. Jones)
14:30 s-process in stars (M. Pignatari)

2.3. Supernovae

14:45 Explosion Modeling (T. Fischer)
15:00 44Ti Observation Updates from SN1987A (R. Diehl)
15:15 Progenitor-explosion connection for neutrino-driven supernovae (M. Ugliana)

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

2.4. Chemical Evolution Aspects

16:00 Observations of 60Fe in the Solar System (R. Diehl for TUM)
16:15 Globular Clusters (M. Krause)

3. Future Prospects:

16:30 Discussion
Eurogenesis/Masche project finalisation Announcements for other Eurogenesis Workshops Follow-up opportunities (European, national)
17:45 Action Summary
18:00 Adjourn