Topical meeting of IReNA - FA1 and ChETEC-INFRA
Nuclear reaction measurements in Underground Laboratories
April 5-8, 2022 - Rome Global Gateway, Rome, IT

Detailed program as pdf


Tuesday April 5

R. Longland - Hydrogen Burning Measurements at the Laboratory for Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics (LENA)

M. Wiescher - The Status of CASPAR

D. Phillips - Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification in R-matrix and Halo EFT analyses

L. Marcucci - Ab-initio studies of light nuclei and few-nucleon reactions of astrohysical interest

O. Pisanti - Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

M. Lugaro - Constraining H-burning with meteoritic stardust

C. Gustavino - Big Bang Nuclesynthesis experiments at LUNA

T. Szücs - 3He(a,g)7Be cross section around 7Be levels

Wednesday April 6

M. Chidester - Trapped Modes In Variable White Dwarfs As Probes Of The 12C(a,g)16O Reaction Rate

J. Bishop - ‘Indirect’ measurements at ‘TAMU’

J. He - Direct measurement of the 19F(p,ag)16O reaction at JUNA

A. Boeltzig - Nuclear Astrophysics at the Felsenkeller

M. Wiescher - CASPAR – Vision for a Future

A. Di Leva - An outlook on the LUNA-MV scientific program

M. Junker - Outlook of the LNGS Accelerator facility

Thursday April 7

W. Tan - Measurements of 12C+12C fusion at Notre Dame

Friday April 8

A. Best - Neutron source measurements deep underground IReNA

M. Ploszajczak - Near threshold resonances