NeuLAND - New Large-Area Neutron Detector

NeuLAND NeuLAND is a high-efficiency time-of-flight spectrometer for high-energy neutrons
(200 to 1000 MeV) within the R3B experiment being designed for FAIR.

A spatial resolution of approximately σ = 1.5 cm and a time resolution of approximately σ = 100 ps are envisaged together with an efficiency of more than 90% for one-neutron events, as well as a high multi-neutron recognition capability.

This is achieved by a highly granular design of plastic scintillators, avoiding insensitive converter material. The detector will consist of 3000 individual submodules with a size of 5×5×250 cm³, arranged in 30 double planes with 100 submodules providing an active face size of 250×250 cm² and a total depth of 3 m. NeuLAND can be divided into two detectors for special applications and will be placed at different distances from the target, in order to meet specific experimental demands.